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Hatamoto Battletech Model

Hatamoto Battletech Model

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Magnetic Torso/Legs?

The Hatamoto is perhaps the most Kuritan mech design ever produced. Although it started out as a visual redesign of the Thug, the Hatamoto was soon given its own unique weapon loadouts.

All variants have the option for magnetic torso/leg attachment, allowing for real torso-twisting action. 

Models include:

  • Hatamoto-Chi HTM-26T/27T (Two PPCs, two SRM-6s)
  • Hatamoto-Hi HTM-27U (Two PPCs, four medium pulse lasers)
  • Hatamoto-Kaze HTM-27V (Two PPCs, two LRM-5s)
  • Hatamoto-Ku HTM-27W (Two PPCs, one AC/5)
  • Hatamoto-Mizo HTM-27Y (Two PPCs, one ER large laser)
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